The 'About us' Story

In 2009 we decided to add a new chapter to our lives. In the Netherlands we had a beautiful house, two healthy children, a very good income and yet we missed something. The plans to move abroad had been in the picture more than once and finally we cut the knot and made our plans come true. We wanted more time for each other, for the family and a different environment. In the end it was Camurac in southern France. Here we found what we were looking for. Life here has changed us in such a way that we have become much closer as a family. And we have a very nice property where we can receive guests, have time for everyone and enjoy a beautiful environment. Say it yourself who can see the Pyrenees from their bedroom? Who can ski in their own village? Who can visit famous cities like Carcassonne, Tolouse, Barcelona and Andorra from their own home? It is all possible here. And we would like to give everyone who comes here the same feeling. A vacation at home!

We would like to welcome everyone to our Chateau de Camurac. 

Rodrique, Marjon, Anouk and Olav Clijsen

Our departure to France was also captured by the camera by the program "Ik Vertrek" (English: I'm leaving). From March 2009 to September 2009 the recordings took place and the result was shown on Thursday, December 10, 2009. You can watch the episode below. Have fun watching.

If you want to know how we are doing now, please visit us!

View the 'Ik vertrek' episode